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What can I say, I like girls with more curves. Among other things.



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Ghost Grump
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Trades are open to mutuals or those who produce what they feel is quality enough to sell.

The commission list is here, including rules and prices.…
Commissions V.5 by TheNeverWere
I'm going to give a special from
April 29th through may 31st
for 'May-ternaty'.  10% off your total commission order. Max 3 images per buyer at a time (no large sequences). rules lifted over: anime and adult irl television and film characters.

To do: 7
-Elis and Lilith full bg x6
-elis + bg

Everything is still buy 2 get 1 as outlined in my commission page:
Commissions V.5 by TheNeverWere
  • Reading: harry potter fan pics
  • Eating: loaded taco burritos
  • Drinking: salty tears


anyone knows how to animate with clip studio paint?
yes. I am willing to draw pregnant over the month that implies maternity for may. >:u

i know its a shock but i need the money thanks to summer classes and how no one wants to hire if you can't be on call 24/7 (if you want the blunt honesty. not that i blame them either)

So heres your chance to get something labeled preg, as well as anime and versions based on real television and movie characters. But for those mileage may vary
Well, I been playing some yooka laylee on the ps4 during my downtime between work. I have to say that its so goddamn refreshing to be playing a new GOOD 3d platformer.

Now for a moment I did have camera issues. Want to know how long that lasted? 5 minutes before it felt natural. That's the biggest complaint most had and it wasn't an issue.

My biggest problem if you want to 100% it? Rextro's Arcade. I don't like having to do the same thing twice on such a narrow margin of error. Even though as a character he's pretty entertaining.

If you're the kind of person like me who liked the original banjo-kazooie games for all its shine and flaws, this game replicates almost all of it.
Goblin Elis is cute but I don't think she's applicable anymore.

Unless you count it like a skin in a video game that you get with a cheat or something.
(remember,I did it as a somewhat successful troll that was cute enough to keep)
You'll still see the look, but it makes sense to say tthat its just a look and nothing so important. :3c
Never Q&A:
Somethings I gotten lately that I rephrased as questions just because. :3c

Q:Never, you haven't responded to a note or comment I made. Why?

A: Comments, while I love all I get, sometimes are too short to reply to. So I just give a little Ty (thank you) if it's more than one word or if I can't think of a proper response. Likewise if I don't respond to a note, it usually just has 'Hi' written on it. This is something a lot of artists joke about because we know it always boils down to 'requests, RP, or trades.' It's not worth our time to be frank, or you might spend 20 notes until you get to the point that you wanted to message in the first place. Just treat it as if you're talking to a company, if you have a point, make it.

Q: I like your art, and am learning to draw myself. Would it be a problem if I asked for help somewhere?
A: Personally, while I'm busy or not the best of teachers, I would love to help or look over something if you ever felt something is off. Also I recommend looking up general tutorials and youtube speedpaints both with and without the kind of program you use. Also, try to mess with as many settings as you can, you never know if there's something undiscovered that works for you.


Q: Never, do you ever feel weird or regret the feeling of what you draw is basically porn? Do you feel that gets in the way of artistic growth?

A: Anything is only as weird as you make it out to be, and the internet is far stranger than some girls with a big gut. While many may feel resentment for 'picking the fetish life' the truth is would they ever draw if they haven't? You pick something that interests you, and if you're serious on getting better, you'll treat it serious for a while. And you keep at it and learn new things over time, you figure how to make it your own and hypothetically it should go up from there. The only wasted talent you can have are idle hands not going to produce anything. Those who feel regret, in my opinion, are being melodramatic. Nothing really stops them but themselves for a change in subject. Just do what you like and you'll grow in time with whatever you do. 


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I'm so fucking sorry for you Never.

Have a cookie.
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